提前计划 FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS At Sun Rays, we recommend you to plan one month ahead to start taking driving lessons. When school ends, you’ll be ready to take your road test and get your license. No need to spend the whole summer on learning how to drive. 提前计划 – 适合高中和大学生 在威盛驾校,我们建议您提前一个月计划开始学习驾驶课程。 在学期结束时,您已准备好接受路考测试并获得驾驶证。Continue reading “PLAN AHEAD”


Visa- Prior to the road test please: Check your Visa status and make sure your Visa is not expired. If your Visa is expired, please go to DMV to update your Visa status. No test will be conducted if the visa is expired. Visa -持visa身份考笔试的学员,记得考试前你的visa是在有效期内。如果显示过期是不能考路试的。要去交通局更新visa身份。