我们是纽约Brooklyn地区独一无二的驾校。我们师傅精通, 英粤国, 成功率高。

It’s hard to find an ideal driving school in NYC, especially in Brooklyn. Though, Sun Rays has been considered one of the best in the field, as we offer various sources. Our workers are fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. We strive for quality and the best for our students.

(重质不重量,耐心不分心) 是我们驾校的原则!感谢各位好友, 学生, 多年来的支持和鼓励! 
我们公司团队会继续努力, 继续改进! 多谢!

Thanks to all family, friends, and students for the support and motivation throughout the years! Our school and team will continue to work hard, improve, and strive for the best! Thank you!